Transformation Management


The changing environment highlights the risks associated with maintaining the same practices and management profile. Growth needs can also lead to operational issues and risks associated with poor alignment. A major structural change is often required in the ways of doing, leading to a thoughtful integration strategy and a global vision.

A company’s strategy is to respond to changes in the marketplace:

  • Global competition à competitiveness factors change
  • Complexity of the environment
  • Technological evolution available
  • Responding to clients’ expressed or latent needs
  • Reduced costs or improved agility to survive or grow

The solutions :

  • Developing a manufacturing strategy (what to manufacture, where to manufacture, how to manufacture, what to store)
  • Improve distribution and inventory management systems
  • Develop distribution and logistics strategies
  • Analyze / optimize business processes
  • Optimize the layout of manufacturing, warehousing or operations management (offices)
  • Evaluate possible synergies by acquiring or merging with other players
  • Innovate through its ways of doing things, its products, its manufacturing technologies, its distribution or business model

A good business strategy is not just about applying best practices, it’s about creating value by providing a competitive advantage to the company.

Implementation process

Our realisations

Developer and operator of retirement homes

Presentation of an approach that would support the management team in its organizational choices, in a context of growth and according to the values and the specific culture of the company. The main activities were: designing an effective organizational structure and defining the tasks associated with each position, drawing on industry best practices, the special skills of the staff and a possible transition period.

Vaccine Manufacturer

Assessment of plant capacity to treat 25% more vaccines using the same equipment. The analysis confirmed the potential of the plant by considering changes to the management system, manufacturing processes and support.

Distributor of wood products

Start of a Lean-structured initiative aimed at better control of operations (indicators of efficiency, quality and financial return) as well as an improved management mode. Changes to the pricing structure (components and mode of transportation) have also been proposed.