Operational Excellence (Lean Office)


Process Optimization

The “Lean Office” is based on the concepts and techniques developed and used by Toyota for its factory activities and office activities. The goal of a process optimization project is to deploy an efficient and effective set of business processes / rules that better meet customer expectations and eliminate any waste.

Operational Diagnosis

We suggest as a first step of a transformation project, to properly target the problem by making a diagnosis of the current situation. The main components of this diagnosis are:

  • Measure the voice of the internal customer (VOC) and the voice of employees (VOE) through individual interviews with a sample of managers and key employees;
  • Analyze key processes (VOPs) by analyzing key indicators and data on key processes;
  • Identify bottlenecks or flow interruptors;
  • Performing an analysis of financial statements to understand the issues and significant sources of costs;
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement to establish strategy and timeline

Operation Transformation

Improved manufacturing efficiency is achieved through the implementation of ”Lean” concepts (Toyota Production System) that promote the elimination of all forms of waste. These include reviewing production area layout, reviewing and standardizing work methods, moving materials and implementing dynamic supervision principles (increased presence of supervisors on the production floor, deployment of dashboards, daily meetings, standard agendas, etc.).

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is an approach that relies on small improvements made on a daily basis, constantly. It is a gradual and gentle move, which is opposed to the more Western concept of brutal reform of “throwing out everything and starting again”, which is often the result of a reengineering process. Continuous improvement, often known as “Kaizen”, tends to encourage every worker to think about his / her workplace and to suggest improvements. These simple improvements are often based on common sense rather than complex techniques.

Implementation process

Our achievements

Financial institution

Development of an optimization strategy for this financial institution. All of the projects were aimed at reducing the workload of employees and supporting transformation activities for the Service to Individuals: optimization of operational activities at the call center and optimization of the financial center’s operational activities (private management).

Municipality – contact center

Coaching project as part of the Processing Improvement Initiative at the Service Center of the Information Technology Services Group (ITSG). The approach adopted was inspired by the Kaizen-blitz approach and consisted in identifying areas for improvement in the targeted processes.

Industrial Corporation

The Corporation wanted to help MRC companies to improve their innovation process. The approach was to promote innovation and its strategic importance, to stimulate their development through the implementation of a formal innovation strategy and to bring together the various stakeholders to share their knowledge.

Manufacturer of components for the aerospace sector

Launched an initiative to review parts handling activities to:

• Reduce the occurrence of damage to the parts
• Reduce the risk of accidents during handling
• Improve productivity by minimizing the search for components
• Increase the level of production (without delays)

Cranberry Product Producer

The company wanted to increase its production capacity. The project consisted of revising the production meetings, redeploying the production planning process, developing a new master plan for manufacturing operations (Master Layout) and optimizing the washing and setting-up activities.