Internet of Things (IoT)


The Internet of Things (IoT) has invaded our daily lives. This phenomenon affects many sectors: industry, construction, transport, telecoms, logistics, health and many more.

Connected objects have become a must for businesses. These “intelligent” objects allow for both data collection and remote action to improve operational activities, profitability and even expand the range of services. The Internet of Things is a real factor of growth and savings.

Faced with this technological and economic boom, few companies know where to start, due to a lack of knowledge of opportunities, the market and technologies. Via Consultants, a firm specializing in the Internet of Things, has a global vision and accompanies you to capture the opportunities of emerging innovations and technological solutions.

In addition to our experience, our added values are

VARIETY : Our teams combine technical and business experts to provide you with cutting-edge innovations

INDEPENDENCE  : We provide objective expertise tailored to your needs

AGILITY : Our flexible and dynamic approach allows us to seize opportunities and quickly prove the effectiveness of solutions

Implementation process

The IOT Discovery ™ allows users to structure ideas and co-produce service concepts. This exercise should ideally be conducted with stakeholders from all sectors of the company affected by the concept. The IoT Discovery ™ program allows us to build the product roadmap with you in 2 weeks.

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